Content marketing


You know your website needs content if it is to perform well.

But you have an issue or two.

Your writers are churning out the quantity, but not the quality and they hate creating something that’s search engine friendly (i.e. SEO content) because they think it looks spammy.

There is an easy fix to both of these problems.

Quality vs quantity

Every company approaches its content needs in different ways.

Some opt for in-house creation. After all, who’s more qualified to write about its industry than its staff?

That’s true up to a point.

Although they may live and breathe your industry day in day out, they are not professional writers and that can cause quality issues.

Other companies prefer to outsource their content needs. The issue in this case, is usually financial. Opting for a content mill company that churns out high volume content cheaply seems an attractive proposition, until you see the content.

Usually, the writers from these outfits are inexperienced and having to push through ridiculously high workloads, so their focus is definitely not on the quality of the work they produce.

The fix for this one is simple, although it will have an impact on your pocket. If you pay professional rates you’ll get professional quality – that really is all there is to it.

Fixing the SEO issue

Over the years SEO has had a bad reputation.

Most people still associate it with unnatural, keyword-stuffed content that’s completely unreadable.

But that’s not how it should be.

Today, SEO content is all about smart, high-quality, authoritative writing.

The fix? Well, you have two options. For in-house writing, make sure all staff that are involved (including your SEO department) get the proper training.

If you outsource, again, make sure you higher a professional who understands the art of SEO writing and is more concerned about the quality of their work than the number of keywords they’ve used.

There is another problem

If you have issues in both of these departments, you’re almost certainly going to be experiencing a lack of traffic to your website.

Granted, tackling both of these issues will help there, but you should also revisit the type of content you’re publishing.

When you’re generating content it’s very easy to get bogged down in your own opinions. As a result, you start writing about stuff that interests you, but not your audience.

It’s vital that everything you write reflects the needs of your readers. This is where working with an external copywriter can pay dividends because they will have an external view of your business and will help you identify new topics and ideas that your readers will love.

So there you go generating content shouldn’t be an onerous task. If you approach it correctly and in a way that works for your business, you’ll soon have a shed load of traffic coming your way.