One hit wonder web copy


Steve Brookstein, Sam Bailey, Sam and the Womp, Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP, 3 of a Kind, Rui Da Silva, MARRS…

What do all of these have in common?

They were all one hit wonders.

They stormed into our lives (and the charts) promising great things, but after their initial hit nothing happened.

They disappeared from our lives.

Don’t let the same thing happen to your website.

Most companies are now acutely aware of the need for high quality web content, which means they no longer try to cobble something together themselves. Now they invest in a professional copywriter.

The problem is, they think that’s it.

They have their mind-blowing copy on their website, they’re ranking pretty well and they’re enjoying a good conversion rate.

That’s great – for now.

But what happens when the company grows, or its client base shifts? What happens when your message needs to be tweaked? Or when the web moves on and a new generation of websites starts to take over?

Evolving website content

No business remains the same forever.

That’s why it’s essential you review your website content regularly.

I’m not talking about every month, but perhaps every year or so.

I mentioned earlier new generation websites. Well, just as your website can look out dated after a few years, so can your content.

Take a good look at your company, it’s values and it’s product or services.

Take a look at your customer base and their needs.

Has anything changed?

Is your message still targeting the right people?

Can you identify a new benefit to your customers that you’ve not used before that could open you up to a whole new market?

Keeping your message and content fresh will not only help your rankings, it will also help you attract potential new clients.

Don’t let your website content get stale.

Review it regularly.