Ever business is unique. Not necessarily in what it does, but in how it does it.

That’s why it’s essential you stand up and shout about what makes you so different to your competitors – not literally though.

So what is it that makes you one of a kind?

Finding your uniqueness

The best way to find your uniqueness is to identify other’s.

Take Apple for example – they are a company known for innovation and slick design.

If you look at the car industry, Rolls Royce stand out as the brand of opulence.

So what is it about your business that stands out?

It could be:

  • High quality – people will always pay a premium for excellence
  • Low prices – thrift customers are always looking for a bargain
  • Rare items – hard to find items offer kudos

Do you see where we’re coming from?

Be loud and proud

Once you’ve sussed out what makes your business so amazing, make sure you use it in all your marketing; even make it part of your strapline if you can.

But more than that, make sure you entire team know what it is so it is carried through in every customer contact situation.

Getting your business known for a particular quality will place you head and shoulders above your competitors.