I don’t think professional copywriting is expensive.

But I would say that, wouldn’t I?

Many see it as an optional extra to their business’s marketing strategy, but it’s essential.

I think the problem most people have is that writing is something everyone can do. But that doesn’t mean you can write commercially.

Several years ago, I was talking to a friend of mine who was high up in a local shipping company. While discussing copywriting, he said ‘why would I need you to write about my business when I know it better than you do?’

He hit the nail on the head: ‘…I know it better than you do’ is the exact reason for using a professional copywriter.

Writing from the outside

When you’re in a company, it’s challenging to remove your corporate blinkers and see what you do from a customer’s perspective.

You’re too hung up on what you do and how great you are at it to consider for one moment what your service or product means to your customer.

As a result, all your marketing materials shout about your company, and none give a hoot about your customer.

That’s why they don’t bring you in the return you want.

OK, using a copywriter will increase your costs, but what does that matter when your website and marketing materials bring in extra business? Copywriting is an investment, not an expense.

But why does it cost so much?

Getting back to the elephant in the room, professional copywriting is expensive.

However, there is an excellent reason for that.

On top of the experience and expertise you’re hiring, the initial draft you see is not the first one written.

Every word has been considered and re-considered to make sure it’s right. The sentences have been written and re-written until they create the perfect effect. Your industry would have been researched within an inch of its life to make sure your content and message stand out. The needs of your customers have been probed and the benefits you offer investigated to the eighth degree.

Copywriting is a painstaking business that only another copywriter can appreciate.

So remember, when that initial draft hits your desk, it’s not the result of ten minutes of work.

Instead, it reflects years of experience, hours of research and days of writing and re-writing until its perfect in every way.

That’s why professional copywriting is so expensive.