How far can your marketing budget stretch?PR

You have to keep your website updated, brochures current, email marketing, article writing…the list is endless. All these things take time and money, but what if there was something you could do that would provide you with a load of free publicity?

What about your PR?

Even though print marketing is being to die a death, don’t ignore the power of the press. I’m not talking about advertising space though.

Just think of the publicity you would get through an interview, quote, editorial piece or a feature in the ‘right’ magazine. This type of content can be very powerful and here’s why…

1. Low cost

Getting a press release professionally written for you is a lot cheaper than paying for advertising space. Plus, if accepted, you could end up with a feature about you with a web link. That’s worth far more than a small ad competing with loads of similar ads on a page.

2. Credibility

The general public can be rather sceptical about adverts. As soon as they spot an obvious sale, they’re off like a shot. But press coverage in the form of a case study or success story, is far more believable and far less blatant.

3. Making a connection

Adverts are impersonal, but a good editorial personalises your company in the eyes of the reader. It shows you in more depth rather than just a company who’s paid for an ad.

4. SEO

A side effect of online press release submission is of course a link back to your website, which will give your seo strategy a boost.

5. Re-purpose

A press release can be turned into all sorts of marketing collateral – blogs, articles, plus it could be picked up elsewhere and lead to further features and articles.

Your marketing strategy must include an element of PR to get the most from it.