Surely every sale is a good one, right?

It means money in the bank, a (hopefully) happy customer and a bit more stock off your shelf.

But not every sale you make is necessarily going to make you money.


What if I were to mention the word ‘coupon’ or ‘voucher’?

Are you beginning to see now?

These are great for the consumer because they get a stonkingly good deal. On the face of it they’re good for you because you get more customers through  the door and more sales. But are they right kind of people and sales for your business?

The science of selling

I’ve already established that coupons bring people to you , but what sort of buyers are they?

To be honest, they are unlikely to be the ones that will return to you again and again, wanting to build a relationship with you and more than happy to pay full price next time.

They are more likely to be the type that can’t resist a bargain and will only shop where the offers take them. They are unlikely to come back and pay full price.

So vouchers and coupons generate a rush of one-off buyers and that’s it.

If you want customers who will come back again and again your marketing has to be much cannier. It must build trust and that means great content and patience – but it will be rewarded with the right sort of customer.

Lasting marketing

To start building those relationships, your marketing has to:

  • Engage
  • Build trust
  • Inform

Customers only become long-term when they feel valued. Giving them information that will help them will develop that trust element that grows into customer loyalty.

Of course, that means this type of marketing has to be on going, which translates into a lot of work.

Mind you, nothing easy is every worth having, so start thinking about how you can best help your customers and get writing.

Sally Ormond, Briar Copywriting Ltd