what's the secret

How is your website doing?

Does it get a lot of traffic? If so, is that reflected in your conversion rate?

What I’m asking is, if your site gets thousands of hits a week is that converting into sales?

As a copywriter I come across lots of websites. Some look good, have a decent amount of content and even rank quite well. But they don’t convert.

So how can you get your website working efficiently for you? What is the secret that successful website owners know that you don’t?

How to make your website convert every time

Before you do anything to your website, you have to go to the beginning of the process and study how people use the internet.

Generally if they’re looking for something in particular they’ll enter their search term into Google and start opening tabs – a new one for every website that looks interesting. That way they can compare companies easily.

That should give you a HUGE clue as to what the secret is that will make your site convert.

Have you worked it out?

You have to identify your unique selling point (or unique value proposition). But if you don’t make it the first thing your reader sees, there’s no point in having it in the first place. Shout about it – it’s what makes your company so amazing; it’s why they should do business with you.

If you are having a bit of trouble working yours out, your unique selling point is basically your main benefit—something that sets you apart from your competition.

Be proud and make it bold

If you hide your USP within your text you reader won’t find it.

It is well known that when searching the next and looking at websites, readers only scan the information. Therefore your main benefit must be upfront and bold so they can’t miss it.Make sure it’s in your headline so it’s the first thing they’ll see.

That really is all there is to it.

If you want your website to convert, make it interesting, make it relevant and make your USP stand out.