7 Ways To Make Your Website Readable

freelance copywriter

As a freelance website copywriter I am often asked by businesses to give an analysis of their  website copywriting. It is the same mistakes I see again and again so I decided to write this article to help you review your own site.

The appearance of the text on your website can have an impact on your sales because its readability will affect your reader’s buying decision. 

Here are 7 basics that will make your website readable:

1. Easy to read

Simple words, simple sentences, simple colours. If you use a light coloured text on a light background and your copy will be unreadable; the same goes for using a bright coloured font on a dark background. 

2. Attention grabbing

Grab their attention with eye catching headlines. Make sure they contain your keywords. Also use sub headings to break up your text. This will make your writing look more attractive and they’ll also act as sign-posts so your reader can easily find the information that’s relevant to them.

3. Highlight your keywords

Emphasize important words by making them bold, italics or a different colour. 

4. Font size

Make your font size is readable – don’t make it too large because you want to save the larger text for your headings and sub-headings.

5. CAPS are bad


6. Spacing

A well spaced page of text is a readable page of text. Use plenty of white space, headings and sub-headings and show your benefits as a bulleted list so they stand out.

7. Check and re-check

Breaking grammar rules can be very effective in sales writing, but sloppy spelling and punctuation isn’t. Always check and double check before publishing anything. If possible get someone else to proofread it for you.

Make sure you review every section of text from its appearance to its factual content – is there too much detail or too little, are there any call to actions?

Don’t view your website as an optional extra in your marketing campaign. It’s not there just to look pretty or for your to say ‘hey, we’ve got a website’. Your website is there to sell so make sure you use it to its full potential.