website copywriting that wins The world is becoming more and more virtual every day. As a website copywriter it is my job to help you to create an engaging website that’s interesting, relevant and converts visitors into customers – no pressure then!

You might think your website already satisfies these criteria, but it is worth reading on just to check.

I’m sure you’ve come across many a website that has been unreadable. I’m not just talking about dodgy copy that has been over stuffed with keywords, or bad translations of foreign sites. What I’m getting at is those sites that are literally unreadable because of the layout and

I have put together a list of 8 tips to bear in mind when writing your website content. If you already have a site, once you’ve read this list go back to it and see if you have fallen foul of any of them.

Make it easy to read

Here I’m referring to the look of the text (the way it is written is an entirely different subject). Don’t use light coloured text on a white background, for example yellow on white, because it will be unreadable. By the way, the same can also be said for dark text on a dark background.

Get them in the mood

Colour can be used to great effect to create a mood – for example red will create excitement or urgency. But don’t over do it, rainbow text looks very unprofessional.

Attention grabbing

If you want your website to be read make sure you have a strong headline that will grab your readers’ attention and make them want to read on. Use different fonts and colours to make them stand out. 

Highlight important words

Important words can be your keywords and others such as super, fast, free, new etc. They should be highlighted in bold or colour. Be careful if using the underline as a way of highlighting text as this could be confused with a hyperlink. And your reader could get very frustrated
trying to click it. 

Font size

In website copywriting, size is everything. If it’s too small your reader will struggle to read it.

Spare the capitals


White space

A solid block of text is an instant turn off. Use white space to break it up into paragraphs with sub headings. These will make it much easier for your reader to navigate around your page and find the information that’s important to them.

To highlight your key points (such as your benefits) put them in a bullet point list to make them stand out.

Check and double check

There is nothing worse than a gorgeous looking website full of typos and grammatical errors. Always check and double check before publishing. If possible get someone else to read through it for you. 

This list of 8 tips is a great start to creating an eye catching website.