The first thing your website has to do is engage your reader.

Granted, the design of your site and its copywriting will go a long way to persuade your reader that you are the company for them. But how about getting a bit more personal?

Be visual with video

More and more companies are using the power of video within their websites. It seems to be one of those things you either love or hate. But if you’re undecided here are a few things to think about.

1. Getting personal


A corporate video (especially if you’re on it) is a powerful way of conveying your (or your company’s) personality to your viewer. Many videos use images and a voice over which are good but nothing beats a video showing you talking to your viewer.

By directly speaking to your customer, you will make an instant connection and they will feel as though they already know you when they decide to do business with you.

2. Product insight


Videos are also a great way to introduce people to your products and services.

Instead of having to read all about them they can simply watch your video. You can also use them as ‘How to’ guides which will add value to your relationship with them.

3. Innovative


Video is also still seen as a fairly forward thinking kind of marketing, making your organisation look cutting-edge and innovative – one that thinks beyond the normal limits of marketing.

4. Search engine optimisation


Of course, one of the main benefits is that Google loves video so incorporating it within your website will give your search engine optimisation a boost. Whether you host it directly on your website or bring it in from YouTube, utilising the descriptive element of your video will enhance your online visibility.


That all sounds amazing but using video does come with a few warnings:

Music – not everyone will be thrilled if your website begins to blast out music as soon as it’s open. Make sure there is an obvious icon to click to mute or reduce the decibels.

Auto play – don’t have your video on autoplay. Have it plainly visible so your reader can decide when (or if) they want to play the video.

Load speed – video can affect the load time of your website so be careful. When browsing the net people aren’t going to want to hang around while your site loads.


Video can be a very powerful sales tool. It makes an instant connection with the viewer, offers an innovative way to market your products and a valuable tool through which you can offer help and guidance to your customers.