If you’re not a copywriter but want to write some sales copy, where do you start? Well, the best place is with your reader.

Your reader will be doing the buying so make sure their needs are placed before your own. That means forget great swathes of writing about how great your company is – your reader doesn’t care – and focus on what your reader wants.

But, there’s more to writing sales copy than creating benefits orientated copy. Even the way you structure your payment offers will have an effect on the number of sales you generate. I’m not talking about a choice of payment methods (cheque, PayPal, credit cards etc.), but whether you let them try before they buy, buy now pay later etc.

6 sales boosting payment options

You need to use as many techniques as possible to get people to buy from  you. Therefore it’s important to pay attention to details. Payment options are often overlooked because people believe that readers are already committed to buy by the time they reach your call to action.

But for many readers, your payment options could be the deciding factor. Therefore I have put  together a list of 6 suggestions that will help you boost your sales.

1. Try before you buy

This shows you are so confident in your product, you want them to get a taster before committing to buy. Give them a free sample or shortened version of your product. Make sure it offers a few benefits, but of course, they’ll need the full version reap all the benefits. Being able to use your product before buying will give them the confidence to buy the real thing.

2. They choose the price

Don’t worry, I’ve not gone mad. This technique involves listing your product and price, but also offering other products at a slightly higher price. For example, a basic software package, the enhanced version and the super-dooper version. Then your readers can choose the one that’s right for them.

3. Free trial

An old one but a good one. The main thing that prevents people from buying online is confidence. There is no human interaction with online sales and that often makes people overly cautious. By offering a free trial you are showing your confidence in your product and that confidence will rub off on them too.

4. Give them something back

Cash backs are very popular. At the point of sale, show that they can obtain a 10% cash back by returning a coupon. You’ll boost your sales and, most probably, there’ll be a number of people who don’t remember to send off the coupon.

5. Buy now pay later

The ‘buy now pay later’ offer will help you hold onto those customers who may not be able to afford your product straight away. Rather than letting them go, this offer will grab them, get them to buy now and pay for your product at a specified time.

6. Drip, drip, drip

As well as the buy now pay later option, you can enhance this further with paying in instalments. It’s an offer you frequently see used by furniture companies. For many people this type of offer is very attractive.

Of course, the method you use will be determined by your products/services on offer. Why not test one or two of the above to see what difference it makes on your sales?