Do you use Twitter for business yet?

Twitter appears to be one of those things you either love or hate – or you just don’t ‘get’’.

But if you are still sitting on the fence, undecided whether it’s right for you or not, this post is for you.

Twitter isn’t complicated – it is probably one of the easiest tools to use, but you have to learn to use it well and effectively.

Twitter basics

First things first – before you even start to worry about what you should be Tweeting, you have to set your account up.

Here are a few simple tips to get you started.

If you want people to follow you make sure you upload a good avatar – whether it’s a photo of you, your business logo or something else. If you just opt for the generic Twitter image there is nothing to set you apart from other users.

Don’t be shy, show your followers who you are so they can put a face or company image to the personality.

Next on the list is your biography. This will help people find you and show you are interesting and worth following. If you don’t complete your bio why should someone follow you? They don’t who you are.

So before you go any further, make sure you have a good avatar and bio.

When it comes to using Twitter to its full potential, take a look at this post by Chris Brogan – 50 Power Twitter Tips – a fantastic resource to get you started and Tweeting successfully. So go and check it out.

I look forward to tweeting with you – you can follow me here.

Sally Ormond – freelance copywriter