time-limited offers


How many times have you hesitated when considering buying something?

Although you make decisions all day long, they are always harder to make when they result in you parting with your hard-earned cash.

What if, after you’ve bought the item, you find it cheaper elsewhere?

What if you’re out and about next week and find something that would have been a better fit than the one you bought?

What happens when you want that new pair of shoes, but you can’t afford them?

Thinking before buying is the biggest weapon your consumers have. As a marketer, it’s your job to stop them thinking and get them buying.

So how do you do that?

The clock is ticking

When faced with a yes or no decisions (i.e. should you buy or not), you are far more likely to say yes if you have to make it quickly.

That’s where your time-limited offer comes it.

It also plays on your customers’ FOMO – fear of missing out – because they won’t want to pass up a great offer.

For example, if you offer your latest widget with a saving of 50% you’ll increase sales. But if your offer is ‘Save 50% – offer ends Wednesday’, your sales will go through the roof.

However, you must use this powerful technique with care:

  • Make sure it’s seen – don’t hide your offer, and it’s end date. It will only work if your customers know about it
  • Tell them what to do – don’t faff around. Tell them to ‘buy now’, ‘order immediately’, or ‘call today’ to make them hurry up, so they don’t miss the offer
  • Stand by your date – never, ever roll the offer beyond the published end date. If you do, people won’t buy because they know you’re likely to extend the deadline

Prey on your customer’s insecurities

Human nature means we hate thinking we’ve missed out on something and playing on this might seem calculating. But you’re in the business of selling and so long as you’re not trying to pull the wool over your customers’ eyes, setting a deadline to boost sales is legitimate.

Introducing a time-limited offer will increase the number of impulse buys your customers make.

If you don’t believe me give it a try. It won’t cost you anything and by adding those magic words ‘…offer ends …….’ you will see your sales soar.