Video marketing?

Yes, you know it’s something that should be part of your marketing strategy, you’ve read all the blogs that tell you so, but do you know why you should be doing it?

First off, Google owns YouTube.

Secondly, it’s the second largest search engine on the internet (Google is obviously the biggest).

These are two very compelling reasons for using it as part of your marketing. Not to mention that more and more people look for videos to help them research products or do everyday things.

Sold on the idea? Great, but don’t charge in half-cocked otherwise you could fall flat on your face.

You see using YouTube isn’t as straightforward as it would seem. Granted, the actual usability of the platform is very easy, one of the reasons why it’s also easy to get it wrong.


What not to do with your YouTube channel


Make sure the content you use is relevant to your audience – an obvious one, but one that is often overlooked.

It’s also important to think about the keywords you use in your descriptions. Are they in line with your online marketing strategy?

The look of your videos is also really important. Just like all your other marketing efforts, your video must slot perfectly into your brand image, so when people find your channel they instantly see it as part of your company.

The biggest mistake you can make is to think that just because you are getting viewers, your video is a success. Granted, viewing numbers are a credible metric, but what about the engagement that comes from click-throughs and new subscribers?

One mistake that’s seen over and over again is businesses that place their most popular video at the top of their channel. The problem with that is that is highlights the stuff under it with lower viewing numbers. Rather than popularity, order your videos in relation to what your viewers want to see.

Finally, if you produce videos for different audiences – say, your customers and those videos aimed at corporates – make sure you keep them separate. People wanting to see corporate videos won’t want to have to wade through your other stuff to find what they want (and visa versa).

Using YouTube is a must for your business, but using it wisely is even more important.