The one thing stopping a lot of people offering a guarantee is the though that, if they do, loads of people will use it as a way of getting their money back, which will cost a fortune. Why you shoudl offer a guarantee

True, there may be one or two people that do that, but by offering a guarantee you will be rewarded with far more benefits that if you don’t.

Advantages of offering a guarantee

The prevalance of internet scams has caused people to be very sceptical about online retailers.

People buying from High Street shops have the added peace of mind of knowing they can easily return items should things go wrong. But when buying from the internet that isn’t the case. Plus, too many internet companies make it very difficult for customers to get in touch with them when things do go wrong.

Offering a guarantee will help you:

  • Remove a very large barrier to buying
  • Build trust as it shows you as a genuine company
  • Make you stand out from the crowd
  • Increase your focus on quality, after all you’ll want to minimise the number of guarantee claims that are made so your products will be of the highest possible quality

Basically, by simply offering a money back guarantee you’ll gain sales, build trust with your customers (and therefore increase repeat business) and be seen as a good business to deal with.

Plus, it won’t cost you anything.