SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is a copywriting niche that continues to grow in importance.

As the number of internet users continues to grow and with the recent increase in local search, more and more companies are relying on it for a higher percentage of sales. 


The number of searches done on the Internet is in the hundreds of billions annually.

Most internet users will use one of the various search engines to find service providers. Therefore organic search is hot news and, unless your website has been optimised for your keywords, it is increasingly difficult for you to get found. 

Websites have become the new black – everyone has got one these days. Therefore competition for good rankings is increasing daily. If your site isn’t SEO friendly, you’re going to have a hard time coming up in the search results which means that you won’t achieve the sales results you want from the internet.

Of course, you can always buy traffic by using Google Adwords (pay per click), but it can be expensive and you’ll be missing out on an important piece of the sales ‘pie’ by not focusing on organic traffic.


Great organic results come from a well designed site, great SEO copywriting and plenty of back links. 

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