Copywriting has a lot in common with the fashion industry.

No, really, it has! Come on, give me a chance – let me explain.

We’ve all seen images of fashion models. They strut their stuff up and down the catwalk, pouting and scowling at the assembled press. Most of them are so skinny the latest designer clothes they ‘wear’ are practically falling off them.

So what do you reckon is more attractive? Emaciated models or the 1920s vision of a beautiful woman with curves?

Your website on the runway

Think of your website as a model. If it is skinny and malnourished of great copy Google isn’t going to be able to see it. But, if is more akin with the 1920s vision of beauty, it will be well fed, oozing with great copy that makes the most of your keywords. Google will revel in its curves and snuggle up in its relevant and interesting copy. It will be so in love with your site, it will want to hold it aloft for all to see.

Make sure it has a balanced diet

The content of your website has to be relevant and interesting.

Interesting because it has to attract your readers attention and keep them interested enough to read it.

Relevant so that it when it appears in the search results, it provides the information your reader is looking for. Also,  the more relevant it is, the more likely it is to attract links from other websites which will make Google love it even more.

Talk to your reader

When writing your copy, make sure you address the reader directly. There’s nothing worse than reading a website that is all about the company and what it’s achieved and nothing about what that company can do for you (i.e. the reader).

If you have the budget, it’s well worth getting a copywriter in to produce the copy for you. But if that’s not possible just remember to write about the main benefits you offer your customers – after all, that will be all they’ll want to know.

Why you need to know this

Content is one of the key factors in getting good search results. After all if your website has next to no copy on it, how will Google what search results to list you under?