How do you know when you’ve hit the summertime marketing period?

OK, smarty pants, yes the warmer weather is one indication, but here in the UK you can be waiting a long time for it to warm up.

I’m thinking more about the quiet office; the phones stop ringing; clients and staff are jetting off on well-deserved holidays; the kids are off school.

All of this adds up to a slow down in your business and sales.

When it hits you have a choice: either put your feet up and mope because you’ve hit a “slow patch”; or start putting some groundwork into future leads once business picks up again.

Headless chicken

For much of the year you will resemble a headless chicken running round the office.

Your days will be spent dealing with sales, issues and urgent customer enquiries.

You don’t have time to chase those leads that didn’t quite happen.

Now you’ve reached a dry spell it’s time to start being proactive.

Did out those leads that didn’t quite make it

You are bound to have a load of quotes that were sent out, but never taken up, or customers that asked for a call in a few months that you never got round to calling.

Now’s the time to get back in touch.

Their business needs may have changed since their initial enquiry so pick up the phone and have a chat with them.

Take a look at your sales process

Are you really being as efficient as possible?


In that case, how come you had so many tepid leads to follow up?

Take a look at your marketing tactics and try and find a more refined way of doing things to prevent people falling through your sales net.

Ask for referrals

No, that doesn’t mean pick up the phone to your best customers and ask them outright to send you leads.

If nothing else it makes you look desperate (even if you are).

Remind them how much they liked working with you and see if they would do you a favour that would also benefit them. Present them with the suggestion of a generous referral scheme. If they go for it you would have extended your sales team without taking on any extra staff.

Every business has a slow season, but how you deal with it makes a difference. Don’t wallow in self-pity. Use it to your advantage and start building a stronger business.