SEO copywriting

On the one hand you have your reader, on the other the search engine spiders. So who do you concentrate on?

All too often, the copy on most websites seems to place the importance on the spiders—big mistake.

Their copy is crammed with their keywords because the businesses are fixated on getting to the front page of Google.

Will this tactic get you great rankings?


Will it get you lots and lots of visitors?


Will it convert all those visitors into sales?

Definitely not.

Higher rankings, more traffic and greater sales

These three things are at the top of most businesses wish lists.

But if you want to get all three you must have an SEO friendly website, masses of backlinks and professional SEO copywriting. For the purpose of this post, we’ll concentrate on the SEO copy.

Before anything else let me ask you one thing:

Who visits your site, reads your content and then decides whether they want to buy or not? Is it the search engine spiders or people?

The answer is people.

Everyone knows that, right? Well if that were the case why isn’t every website written for the reader? The only thing a person wants to know is – “what are you going to do for me?” They don’t want to know:

  • When your company was established
  • How many staff you have
  • What your premises are like

Have a look at your copy – how many ‘we’s are there? Your copy has to resonate with the reader and that means addressing them directly by using plenty of ‘yous’ and ‘yours’.

Because you’ve identified you’re writing for people, you must never, ever, stuff your copy with keywords. If you do it will look clumsy and unprofessional – not the image you want to portray.

Take a look at this example:

bad seo

Believe it or not, this was taken from an actual SEO Copywriter’s website (not mine!). The term ’search engine optimisation’ appears 17 times in this small section alone. Would you want to do business with someone who writes like that?

Absolutely not.

Keywords do have to be present but not to that degree. It is their location rather than number that’s important.

Using a professional SEO copywriter may not be cheap but they know how to create fantastic copy that will convert and get great rankings.

Your website is your online sales machine so don’t take chances with its effectiveness. If you are really serious about internet marketing and getting the most out of your website, invest in a good SEO Copywriter.

Remember, your customers must always come above the search engine spiders – after all what’s the use of thousands of visitors to your website a day if none of them convert?