Search engine optimisation is constantly changing as Google strives to create the best search experience possible, but that also means the strategies you use to build and maintain your rankings have to constantly change too.

As a rule, internet marketers fall into one of two categories:

  1. Those who stick to the same old techniques because they’ve always done it that way (even though when they no longer work)
  2. Those who embrace new techniques and change with the times

This post is aimed at those who continue in their set ways despite their falling rankings in the hope that it will come good in the end.

So, if you’re doing any of these, stop right now.

1. Keyword density

How could you utter those words?

Every piece of marketing content you create must be written naturally and for the reader – not the search engines.

There is still copy out there that has been crammed with keywords. Why? You’re just writing gibberish.

Stop it right now and write naturally.

2. Press releases

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use press releases, just make sure they are actually announcing something that’s news.

Anything you put out that’s not news related will damage your reputation.

3. Spinning

At one time, marketers would write an article and then put it through spinning software to create umpteen versions of it and then blast it all over the internet. The result was a lot of incredibly bad articles that just served to ruin reputations.

Article marketing is still a very valid form of link building, but only if they are of a high quality and contain unique content.

4. Meta tags

For this purpose I’m talking about the Meta Keyword tag. Don’t think that just because you’ve included one in your coding and stuffed it to the rafters with keywords that Google’s going to love you.

They are completely meaningless and as much use as a chocolate teapot.

If you are guilty of any of these, stop it right now.

The only way to succeed on line is to keep up with what’s happening, create high quality content and to get social. That’s it…or at least until it changes.