Not another list blog post


A short post that will enrich your blogging strategy


One of the most successful types of blog post is the list.

“Top 10 Marketing Secrets”

“101 Ways to Sell to Your Customers”

“19 Must-have Looks For This Season’s Woman-about-town”

You get the idea.

Readers lap this stuff up, sharing them with their nearest and dearest getting you some decent traffic.

But how much do people take notice of them?

On the face of it they sound useful, but if put into action everything listed in this type of blog to help me boost my business, I wouldn’t have time to work!

As a result, these posts can confuse, as much as help, so what’s the answer?

The antithesis of list posts

Their popularity will never fade, but how about throwing something else into the mix in your blog schedule?

Rather than creating a comprehensive list to inspire and confuse in equal measure, how about creating a blog post about one effective thing people can do that will make a difference.

For example, rather than listing the top 10 SEO techniques for 2017 create a post that tells the reader “The single most effective thing you can do to boost your SEO this year.”

Your reader will think, “wow, if I do this one thing I will see a measurable difference”: he’ll love you because you’ve just imparted a simple to implement gem of a technique that he can use. No confusion about where to start first, just one actionable tip that will make a difference.

So rather than bombarding your readers with great long well-researched lists, now and then drop a gem into the mix that gives them one actionable tip that will have a real effect on their business.