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You already know how important it is to maintain regular contact with your customers through a regular newsletter—but how easy do you find it to come up with interesting content?

Whether you create your own content or hire the services of a freelance copywriter, your newsletter has to provide information that your readers want to read—so that means you mustn’t fill every issue with amazing facts about you.

If your newsletter isn’t providing useful information, your readers will unsubscribe. So how can you ensure your newsletter is…well, news-worthy, interesting and giving your readers what they want?

How to create a bad newsletter

Fill your columns with news about your achievements, your products or services, and your readers will unsubscribe. That’s not to say these can’t feature at times, but the main thrust of your content has to aimed at your reader to help you generate business and strengthen your relationship with them.

How to create a strong newsletter

Make your content full of useful information, the latest industry news, tips to help your reader in their work and articles that are relevant to their industry.

By providing them with information that will help them with their everyday lives, you will strengthen your relationship and keep them reading.

The ultimate balance

You might think that by constantly offering information and tips to your readers, you won’t actually sell anything. But you can. All you have to do is weave references to your products and services within the content.

By incorporating the information in this way, the ‘sales’ pitch will appear as though it is being included as being of service to your reader rather than self-serving.

Your leading article

The start of your newsletter is crucial. By having a strong lead article you avoid the temptation of cramming your newsletter with numerous subjects which will just lead to confusion. Go for something like:

  • Breaking industry news
  • Helpful tips and advice
  • Analysis of a new product
  • How-to article
  • Case studies which can be used to illustrate the effectiveness of your products and services

The rest of your newsletter can be made up from product updates, news about forthcoming events and general information and teasers for the next issue.