repurposing content


What is repurposed content?

It’s recycling; creating something new out of something old.

Repurposing is a fantastic way of re-sharing your old content, but that doesn’t mean just re-sharing on social media.

The content you’re re-sharing can be anything – white papers, reports, blogs, articles, videos, podcasts etc.

Of course, as you’ve probably guessed there are right ways and wrong ways to go about repurposing, so I’ve put together this short guide to enlighten you and smooth your repurposing path.

Share older content

If you have great evergreen content, such as blog posts keep sending them out.

Tweet them out to your followers to keep them alive.

Don’t share stuff that’s out-dated

Although sharing your old stuff is great, make sure it’s not out of date.

If you have a post that’s showing its age, why not update it? Just make whatever changes are necessary and send it out.

Tailor your content

You’ll have several different audiences, each preferring their information in different formats. Think carefully about where you’ll be sharing your stuff and adapt it accordingly.

Don’t make out it’s new when it’s not

People aren’t stupid; they’ll know when you’re recycling stuff. All you have to do to remain above board is add something like “here’s one from the archives; as true to today as the day it was written”.

It shows you’re not only a mine of information, but that you’re also someone who can be trusted.

Don’t be a one trick pony

Although repurposing is a great way to make your content go further, you must still create new stuff.

Not only will that show your readers you’re capable of creating new stuff, it will also make Google happy with a constant stream of fresh, original content.

Change formats

If you originally wrote a white paper, report or blog, why not repurpose it as a video, podcast or infographic? You could even create an eBook from a series of old blog posts.

Repurposing will lead to greater engagement, more clicks and more social sharing.

Start looking through your archives and work out what can be shared and how to share it.

It’s such a shame to let so much great information go to waste; start repurposing and supercharge your marketing machine.