Does your marketing pack a punch?

If not, it’s not working.

The effectiveness of your marketing strategy and materials depends on your persuasive copy.

Pretend for a moment you have a high street store. You use your shop window display to draw customers in. Once inside your highly trained army of professional sales guys are there to convert their initial interest or curiosity into sales.

This scenario also works for online businesses, albeit in a virtual way.

Instead of a shop window, it is your website that will attract visitors to browse.

Great SEO copywriting is the equivalent of the shop window display. Your copywriter has to utilise all their skills to create copy that will please the search engine spiders so your website is ranked highly for your chosen keywords, plus it also has to hook the reader and make them buy or get in touch by being persuasive.

Persuasive copywriting is a skill that uses 4 techniques.

  • Evoking an emotional response – emotion is a powerful tool as it is the most important factor when making a decision about whether to buy or not.
  • Persuasion – go for a hard sell and your customers will vanish. You have to persuade them that buying is the right decision without making it obvious your are selling to them.
  • Be familiar with the website – a good copywriter will take time to familiarise themselves with your website to ensure the correct use of internal links to draw your reader deeper within your site.
  • Understanding the products – many business still believe they know their products best and so don’t use a copywriter. The problem there is they immediately start talking about their business rather than thinking about the benefits of buying for the customer. A good copywriter will take time to understand your product thoroughly so they can convey specific instructions and descriptions.

Copywriting is all about attraction and persuasion. Persuasive copywriting is effective copywriting and the hallmark of a professional.