Creating copy for your marketing materials can take time. Getting your message just right takes thought, skill and a lot of practice.

You marketing materials have to sell for your company without being able to speak. Their copy has to engage the reader instantly but without eye contact.

That’s quite a tall order.

But your marketing materials are not designed to stand the test of time.

A marketing copywriter changes with the times

Do you wear the same type of clothes all the time? Other than changing the way you dress to reflect the seasons, I’m sure you also change according to the latest fashions. You probably also make constant changes to your home, whether that’s redecorating or changing the position of your furniture.

So if you do all that, why don’t you review your marketing message regularly?

Changing times

When you first started out in business you would have spent a lot of time getting to know your market to make sure your message really struck home with your audience.

But market places change constantly. Today people’s priorities have changed; technology has changed so the way you do business may also have to change.

If you continue to blindly send out the same message you’ll begin to lose customers. But if you constantly review your message and keep it fresh, you’ll not only retain clients, but you’ll attract new ones too.

Don’t forget your marketing materials

Keeping your message up to date is one thing. But you must also keep your website, brochures and newsletters fresh. Does their content still reflect what your customers want? Do  the benefits still work?

Put your coffee down for a moment and take a look at your website. Read through the copy – does it really give your reader what they want today?

It’s good practice to review your marketing materials every 6 – 12 months (or more regularly if you want). This regular investment will reward you with loyal customers and new customers.

Keep your business growing; don’t get stuck in a vacuum.