Before I get going let me get something off my chest…


That’s better. If there’s one thing I hate to see it is web copy, or any kind of sales copy for that matter, that is littered with jargon. Why???

Sales writing must be accessible to everyone who reads it so please don’t cram it with jargon or long winded words and sentences.

There are no prizes for the longest word

I’m sure I’m not alone when I recount the number of times I have sat down to read what I thought was going to be an informative article, sales brochure or website only to be bored to tears. The sad thing is I probably didn’t even get past the first few sentences.

As a copywriter, the most important thing to remember is that you don’t want your reader to know what a great writer you are.


Well it’s true – to be able to pull off that oxymoron you have to be a good writer, but that’s no reason to shout about it. I know the creative within you will be desperate to break free, take over your fingers, and create something incredibly flamboyant and arty. Don’t let it.

Your writing is a vase in which you show off your client’s flowers. Your readers want to be able to smell and appreciate those fine blooms without being distracted by the vase.

Keeping it simple

As a writer it can be very tempting to slip in your own personality into your writing. But when creating a sales masterpiece for your clients you can’t afford to.

To help you supress your creativity, here are three things to remember before putting your fingers to keyboard:

  • Ditch any arty similes and metaphors that come to mind – concentrate on telling the reader what it is, what it does and why it will benefit them.
  • Ditch the jargon – only use it if it’s absolutely necessary but keep it to a minimum. If possible, leave it out completely.
  • Be short and concise.

The final thing I want to mention us keep your writing simple and conversational. If you manage that you’ll effortlessly build rapport with your reader.

Your sales copy has to act like a friendly arm around the shoulder; someone they can trust. If you can achieve that your sales copy will sell.