Copywriting is sales writing. Therefore as a freelance copywriter it is my job to make my  client’s marketing materials (whatever form they take) sell.

All too often companies marketing efforts fail miserably because they just describe rather than convince the reader to buy the product or service.

It is vital that your copywriting converts your readers into buyers otherwise you’ll end up with an ever increasing marketing spend with nothing to show for it. And that’s not a good place to be. 

How your copywriting can boost your sales

Great sales writing takes practice and a bit of know-how. Below is a list of techniques you can use to get your readers to buy.

Just one word of warning though – this list is not a guarantee of success. People are fickle creatures and what makes one buy won’t necessarily make the next person buy. But they will give you the best possible chance of maximising your sales opportunities.

So, if you’re ready let’s get started:

•    Make your copy read like a story – this will create interest, make it more readable and that way will create more interest in your product.

•    Surveys help you ensure your product/service is tailored to the needs of your customers. Give away a freebie if they complete you survey.

•    Highlight keywords in your copy using colour, bold or underlining (use the latter sparingly otherwise readers could get frustrated thinking they are hyperlinks)

•    Give them plenty of choice – give them several ways to get in touch with you and to order your product.

•    Design your site with your reader in mind. What they want to see is far more important than what you want to see.

•    Stuck for ideas? Join online forums and participate in chats. You’ll learn a lot from other online marketers.

•    Create a sense of urgency by limiting offers by time, or give away something free with their order again making it a time limited offer.

•    Offer extras at point of purchase – i.e. batteries, glasses cases etc.

•    Compliment your reader – making them feel good about themselves will help them reach that all important buying decision.

•    Create up sell and cross selling opportunities by selling products that compliment each other.

Using all or a combination of some of the above suggestions will help your sales copy enormously. Print this article off and keep it to hand so when it comes to writing your copy you can refer to it.

Good luck.