decorating Copywriting is a bit like decorating. When you’ve done it, it looks great but after a while it begins to look tired and shabby and needs re-doing. Your marketing shouldn’t be static; it should be constantly evolving.

Take a look at your website copy, brochures or adverts. Are they looking a bit tired now? Is their original message still relevant or has your company moved on? Are they generating sales or are your leads beginning to dry up?

Well, if they are it’s probably because your message has become stale. Your readers are fed up with the same old thing time and time again. They’re ready for something fresh that will make them sit up and take notice.

Before you roll your eyes and think “…exactly when am I supposed to find the time to re-write all my sales materials?” remember, simple changes can make a big difference.
Below are 10 simple but effective ways to inject a bit of life back into your tired sales copy.

1.    Change the length of your copy – if long copy hasn’t worked, try short.
2.    Break up your copy with sub headings. This will make your text easier to read and will help keep your readers’ interest.
3.    Pose questions that will persuade your reader to buy.
4.    Highlight your keywords.
5.    Put your main benefits in a bulleted list to make them standout.
6.    Play with the font size – make the salient points larger.
7.    Increase or decrease your advertised price.
8.    Include testimonials and statistics, but make sure they are real and relevant.
9.    Take out any jargon
10.  Add special offers, free trials, discounts etc.

You don’t have to use all of these – pick out those you feel will have most impact and use those. Experiment – try different combinations to gauge the effect they have.

Keeping your message fresh is vital to keep your readers’ interest. Give them something new to get their teeth into.