Content generation is vital if you want to boost your online presence. But how can you make sure people find your content?Get your content found

If it can’t be found people won’t read it, and if people don’t read it there won’t be a constant stream of traffic to your website. A bit of a problem.

Well, this post looks at how you can make sure people find your content.

Making sure people find your stuff

1. Research

You are writing for a specific audience, therefore it’s essential you research that audience and find out what they want to read about. What is it that interests them? What problems are they facing that they need help with?

Basically, you can’t start writing for them until you know the answers to those questions.

2. Call to action

Once they do find your content, remember to ask them to do something. Otherwise they’ll just wander off and read someone else’s work. The whole point of creating content is to drive people to your website so make sure you tell  them to go there, or place links within your article to take them there for further information.

3. Write for your reader

Although it’s important to use your keywords within your articles to help them get found in the search results, it’s important you still focus on writing for your reader.

Make sure your content is interesting, adds value, is written in simple language and doesn’t contain jargon.

4. Get social

A great way to promote your writing is through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. But make sure your updates add value and don’t just reek of self promotion.

Over to you

Do you dabble in content creation?

What successes have you had?

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Sally Ormond – Copywriter