Using Twitter to promote your business is quite a steep learning curve.

You have to learn what to tweet (and no, that doesn’t mean only tweeting about your business), how to follow people, how to find the right people to follow – it goes on and on.

Split testing will help you hone your Twitter skills. Basically, it involves placing two messages out into your market place and measuring the performance of each one. You can repeat it many times to drill down into your marketing to get the best possible results. Of course this process can also be used for emails, web pages, newsletter etc.

Split testing your tweets will help you improve your engagement levels with your followers.

I am a huge fan of Social Media Examiner and recommend you check out their post How to Split Test Your Twitter Marketing. It takes you through:

  • How to create your split test
  • How to analyse your results
  • How to expand your testing

It’s definitely worth a read and could give you a much needed kick start for 2014.