advertising copywriting Advertising is one of those marmite things – some people love it (especially kids around Christmas) and some people hate it (especially parents around Christmas). But they are what make the business world go round.

A lot of people think writing adverts is really easy – toss a few graphics and images together, add a dash of colour and a few words and voila! An advert.

If that is your idea of a winning advert formula, you probably won’t be in business too much longer.

It takes a bit more than luck to create an advert that looks great and sells so here are a few pointers for you:

1.    Get inspiration by studying adverts for similar products to your own. Put together a ‘swipe’ file of good sales letters, adverts and emails etc., which can use for reference.

2.    Be clear from the start what you want your advert to achieve – sales, lead generation, attract web traffic, newsletter sign-ups…

3.    List all your products features and benefits. Make sure your leading benefit is used in the headline or first sentence.

4.    Be specific – include numbers, sounds, smells, descriptions etc.

5.    Highlight areas where your product is better than its competitors.

6.    Use visuals – show people using your product or before and after shots (if relevant).

7.    Identify your audience – who are they, what do they like, how to they think…

8.    Use results from surveys, reviews, product tests etc.if you can as they will add credibility to your product.

9.     If you offer a guarantee, after sales support etc., tell them.

10.     Make sure you tell them what you want them to do – buy now, call today, book an appointment etc. If your call to action is vague or non-existent you won’t make a sale.

These 10 tips will help you put together adverts that will convert into sales and put money in your pockets.

But don’t just save them for adverts, these tips can easily be applied to any copywriting projects you are involved in.