copywriting that's eye catching

Even if you could write the most interesting copy ever seen in modern times, if it isn’t laid out in an attention-grabbing way, it won’t get read.

The problem faced by website copywriters everywhere is that humans are a fickle bunch. If we are expected to take time out of our busy lives to read something we have to know it will be interesting, entertaining and above all, that it will benefit us directly in some way.

How to get your web copy read

Basically, what it comes down to is your copy has to look attractive.

Put you hands up if you’ve ever browsed the shelves of your local book shop and
chosen your next read by its cover. As you take the book in your hand, tentatively you peel back the smooth cover only to be horrified when you’re faced with an impenetrable wall of small text.

You see, the way your copy looks is just as important as the content itself.

These 10 tips will help you create eye-catching copy.

•   Colour – without going overboard, use colour graphs and charts (if appropriate) or pictures.

•   Highlight – if you are using incentives and guarantees, make them stand out.

•    Simple – keep your sentences simple and short.

•    Be bold – place your important words and phrases in bold.

•    Pictures – visuals can be attention grabbing. If possible use ‘before and after’ images.

•   Headline – this is your opportunity to grab your readers’ attention. If in doubt use ‘free’ or ‘new’ in your headline as they always make people sit up and take notice.

•    Stand out – your keywords and phrases need to be obvious so use them in headings and sub headings which are in a larger font to the rest of your text.

•   Bullets – make your benefits stand out by listing them as bullet points.

•    Divide and conquer – breaking up your copy with sub headings makes it easier to read and navigate.

•   Adjectives – use these to make your product stand out – incredible! High power! Sizzling! Just don’t go overboard with them.

All you have to do is marry the above tips with interesting and relevant copy and you’ll be well on your way to creating a website that will be read.

Don’t forget who you’re writing the website for either – address your reader directly at all times.