Have you noticed how social media has managed to become part of our every day lives?

Because of many of us now own smart-phones we automatically sent tweets, update our Facebook statuses and log in on Foursquare wherever we go. In fact, it’s also beginning to have an impact on our shopping habits.

We no longer have to wait until we’re in front of our PCs to browse the web in search of that sought after item. Now we just turn to our phones or tablets and buy on the go.

Research from Reevoo has shown that consumers indicated that social content is starting to shape how they shop online. Over half of those surveyed said that they found social media comments helpful when shopping online, with user reviews and friend recommendations being the biggest influencers.

But it’s not just consumers who are changing their shopping habits, retailers are also embracing the increased connectivity with their customers that social media offers them. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook offer a whole new level of customer service; offers can be got out to a wide audience instantly; they can communicate freely and in real time, something that they’ve never been able to do before.

Businesses ignore social media at their peril

As a Business you have to engage with social media because your customers demand it.

That means making sure people are manning your Facebook page and Twitter feeds at all times, so they can react quickly to any questions and comments posted by your customers.

If you think that sounds a bit over the top, just remember that those all important online customer reviews and ratings are going to be based on your customer service. So if you want great feedback you have to give great service and that means being response and engaging through social media.

Your customers shopping habits are changing, which means the way you interact with them has to also change. Unless you want to get left behind you have to get to grips with the online social world.

Make sure your business is part of it.