marketing cheapskate


How much are you willing to pay for a blog post?

Probably not as much as you should pay, and here’s why.

As you know, blogging is an excellent way to gain exposure online.

Not only will it satisfy Google by delivering a fresh batch of content to your website regularly, but it will also help your SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy and propel you to expert status in your field.

Or will it?

Few companies out there have the skill or resources to create in-house content. As a result, they look around for an external copywriter to help them.

Copywriters, like all service providers, come in different shapes and sizes with varying degrees of experience and ability, which is why their costs will differ dramatically.

The question, therefore, is whom you should hire?

  • A low-cost outfit that outsources their work and can knock out an article for you for about a tenner?
  • A writer who, for less than £100 a month, will deliver a couple of blog posts?
  • A copywriter with mountains of experience who won’t consider writing a blog for less than £250?

As an SME your budget will probably dictate that you go for one of the first two options.

However, that could be – scrap that – it will be a huge mistake.

The cost of cheap blogs

Let’s look at the low-cost outfit first.

Using their services means you’ll get a faceless person writing a general article, loosely based on your industry.

There’s a good chance English won’t be their native language, and they’ll be far more concerned about word count and stuffing it with keywords to worry about its quality or relevancy to your audience.

As for the writer who’ll send you a couple of blogs per month for less than £100 – well, they’re obviously running a business based on volume.

As a result, they’ll be churning out articles that are not carefully thought through, or tailored to your specific audience. Their primary concern will be to get your 400-word articles to you each month by your deadline and then move onto the next batch.

What blogging should achieve

I mentioned earlier the importance of delivering fresh content on your website regularly.

Yes, it is important because Google loves it, but if that’s your only motivation for blogging, your strategy is likely to fail.

Generating blogs is a lot more than just word count and website padding.

Its primary function should be to add value to your readers.

Publishing high quality, well thought out blog posts that are relevant to your audience is the only way for your strategy to be a success.

It’s a long-term investment, but one that done well will pay handsomely.

Your information-rich articles will draw in larger audiences, they will appear in the search results widening your appeal, and they will raise your profile making you the go-to person in your industry.

That’s why you need to work with a copywriter who will take the time to learn about your business and your audience and will generate high-quality articles that enhance your website.

If that sounds a bit beyond your budget, how about getting in touch with a top quality writer to see if they would come in and coach you on how to create great blogs? You could also arrange for them to copyedit your first few to help you develop the right style and content for your audience.

Cheap blogs might sound like the perfect answer, but they will do your reputation more harm than good.

To write a strong blog post takes much longer than you think, and a lot of skill and experience.

Don’t skimp with your company’s reputation and instead, invest in professional copywriting.


Sally Ormond is a professional copywriter and works with a global client base, using her experience, skill and knowledge to help them achieve their content goals.