website copy sell-by date


When did you last revamp your website content? Two, five, seven years ago? Have you noticed a dip in visits or engagement with your brand?

Thought so.

You see, website content isn’t a ‘once, and it will last forever’ job. There are (at least) three excellent reasons why.

Evolution is inevitable

The content on your website was written at a specific point in time. It reflected your company as it was then. The thing is companies evolve and grow. A change in management could lead to a shift in focus and values.

That’s why it’s essential you undergo a regular content review to make sure what you’re saying is still relevant.

Did you know that 94%* of people won’t trust an outdated website? If you don’t conduct regular content reviews, you could end up handing customers to your competitors. If that wasn’t bad enough, the same study shows that 75% of people base credibility by a website.

The fickle nature of customers

It’s not just your business that changes, your customers’ needs change too.

Probably not in terms of why they buy your product, but more likely how they want to buy and engage with you.

Social is huge, video is vast, and customers want stuff now. If they ask a question, they want an immediate response. They may not want to pick up the phone and would prefer to interact with you online. That’s why societal changes in behaviour also have to be considered.

Website content boosts your online visibility

Yes, good old search engine optimisation.

The sophistication of the search algorithms is mind-blowing. If you want your site to do well organically, you have to keep ahead of the game and mould your content to suit the search engines’ criteria.

Make sure what you’re saying is still relevant. Perhaps you can incorporate video to boost your visibility. Think about your tags (yes, behind the scenes content is essential) and your information’s layout.

If your content strategy (i.e., your blog) up to scratch? Are your articles performing?

Evolve or die

Don’t let your hard work go to waste because you didn’t think you had the time to work on your content. Find a copywriter to work with who can advise you on what needs to be done and help you set up a strategy to keep ahead of the game in the future.

It won’t always be a complete visual makeover – although a refresh every few years is a good idea to make sure your online look is current. Review your content, ask yourself if it’s still an accurate representation of your business and whether it’s providing your customers with the information they need.