Writing guest blogs is a great way to boost your online exposure.

But you must never get so wrapped in your own self promotion that you lose sight of the blog you’re writing for.

Being allowed to guest once is great, but it’s even better to be invited back again. So here are my 6 top tips to writing great guest blogs and to get asked back.

1. Audience

Understanding the audience you’re writing for is key. Read through some past posts that have appeared on the blog to get a feel for the style of what the audience is reading. Find out the type of topics that are covered and make sure your suggested blog fits withing the scope of the blog. If it doesn’t you’re unlikely to get a slot.

2. Bluffing’s bad

A lot of people out there will hunt down high rankings blogs only. But what if you’re not an expert in the subject matter? Bluffing your way  through a post is the fasted way to the reject pile. Stick to what you know and make a name for yourself within that industry.

3. Personality

You may be writing for someone else’s blog, but you can still show your personality through your writing. After all it’s exactly that that engages with the reader. And if you achieve a high level of engagement and draw in a lot of readers, the chances are you’ll be asked back again.

4. Relevant

Similar to number 1, your blog idea has to be on topic and relevant to the blog’s audience. If you write something about a subject you don’t know about (just to get published on a highly ranking blog), you’ll get found out.

5. Write for readers

The main focus when writing your guest post should be in getting readers for the blog in question, not driving traffic to your own site.

If you want to build a relationship with a blogger, use social media to boost the readership of your post. By generating traffic in this way, both you and the blog owner will benefit, boosting your chances of being asked back again.

6. Don’t push your link luck

Most bloggers will have a policy about linking back to your own site, so respect it.

Usually, a link is placed in your author bio, but splattering your post with links to promote your products or services will be frowned upon. Find out what the policy is in the first place and stick with it.

If you want to go down the guest blogging route to boost your profile, make sure you:

  • Ask first by emailing the blog owner with your ideas
  • Research to make sure your ideas fit with the blog
  • Make sure you blogs are informative and entertaining

Happy blogging.