copywriting takes longer than you think


Every copywriter comes across this problem.

Practically every new client will take this stance when it comes to negotiating the fee for a piece of work.

What is it?

“It won’t take that long; you only need a day and a half to write that document.”

Is that right?

So, what you are you basing that guess on?

Because that’s how long it took you to write the one you created?

How did that one go?

I would imagine not well considering you are now looking to hire a professional copywriter to create your next one.

Calculating fees

You might think that when pricing up your project, your copywriter just plucked a number out of the air and doubled it.

You’d be wrong.

Their calculation will be based on experience and the scope of your project. Over the years they have worked on numerous jobs, like yours, and therefore have a much better idea of what’s involved.

When you wrote your version, you probably just looked at your product, wrote about what it did and that was that.

But that’s where you went wrong.

Writing any piece of marketing takes a lot more effort than that.

The process behind the end product

Before even thinking about the structure of the document, your copywriter will research your company.


Because it’s important that the content they produce fits your brand personality.

They will then ask what your end goal is – sales? Sign ups? Enquiries?

Then they will ask about your customers, looking in particular at:

  • Who they are
  • Why do they buy from you? (What makes your product different from others on the market?)
  • What your product does for them?
  • How it impacts their life

After all, if your marketing doesn’t show your audience how they will benefit from your product they won’t buy.

Then they think about the structure the content will take.

Careful consideration will be given to the headline, the first paragraph will focus on the main benefit, every feature will be qualified with further benefits, all rounded off with a strong call to action.

The layout will be agonised over to make sure it leads the reader through the buying thought process effectively. Every subheading, every word and every sentence structure will be carefully chosen for maximum impact.

It will be meticulously checked for spelling and grammar errors, although permitting some bending of the rules to maximise impact.

All of that takes time because your copywriter is a professional.

If you want a professional, polished and effective result you have to pay professional prices.

To you, it might just be writing, but to your customers, it’s the difference between deciding whether to trust you and buy, or whether to look elsewhere.