copywriting call to action

Ask any freelance copywriter what is one of the most essential elements in their marketing  armoury, they’ll say your call to action.

Your call to action is undoubtedly one of the most powerful parts of your copywriting.

Let’s assume your copy has been compelling enough to keep your reader engrossed to the very end, you have them in the palm of your hand, they’re ready to buy so you’ll want to make sure your copy ends on a bang not a whimper.

8 crucial desire drivers for your call to action

Your call to action has to convince your reader to take action – it’s your last opportunity to make them buy. To help you achieve this I have put together the following list of 8 desire drivers which will optimise your chances of making that all important sale.

1.    End on a high note – their lives will be so much better if they buy your product – use the most powerful benefit your product has as the example.

2.    End with a warning – this is the opposite of number 1 so tell them what will happen if they don’t use your product.

3.    End with a short review – repeat all the major benefits and features they will receive.

4.    End with a deadline – restrict your product with a limited time offer or closing date to create a sense of urgency.

5.    End with a guarantee – this will add peace of mind.

6.    End with a testimonial – use one or two of your customers’ testimonials but make sure they are believable and contain specific results.

7.    End with a free bonus – this could be a free sample or a trial period.

8.    End with a discounted price – further up in the body of your copy you can show your normal price but offer a discounted price if they order straight away.
These desire drivers are a simple but effective way of achieving a sale. Try them in your marketing copy and see how you get on.