Here is a gem from the archives. Creating ‘evergreen marketing’ is the perfect way to keep your business in plain sight of your audience. Find out how you can achieve this by reading on. 


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could produce a piece of marketing collateral that will promote your business forever?Evergreen marketing

Do you think that’s impossible?

Think again, not only is it possible, it’s something that many people are already doing. They just don’t realise it.

The legacy of evergreen marketing

In the past, most of your marketing materials would have been offline – things like brochures, leaflets, magazine adverts and direct sales letters. The main problems with these are:

  • They only reach a limited audience
  • They are soon forgotten

As soon as your brochure is binned, the magazine has been read or your sales letter shredded, their contents are lost forever.

But if you market online, the beauty of the internet means your collateral is there forever. If you create it, so it’s SEO friendly, it will continue to attract an audience for eternity – or at least for as long as it remains on the internet.

Imagine the power of that.

Your blog posts, articles, and web pages will draw new readers like a magnet using SEO techniques. So are you making the most of it?

Boost your online presence

Take a look through your computer files. What information do you have that you’d forgotten about? I’m willing to bet you’ve an untapped gold mine of suitable marketing material just waiting to be uploaded onto the web.

It could be turned into articles, blog posts and even web pages. You’re bound to be harbouring a small flotilla of PDF files that could be utilised.  But rather than simply adding them in their present form to your website, restructure the information into HTML web pages. This is because a PDF has limited SEO abilities, whereas changing into an HTML format will give you countless more opportunities to exploit SEO.

Why you need to know this

Online marketing is all about owning as much of the web as possible. Writing articles and blog posts provide valuable backlinks and expose your company to a vast, eternal audience.

Sally Ormond – freelance copywriter