What kind of success rate are you getting with your email marketing at the moment?

Pretty good or could do better?

Your electronic marketing strategy should be constantly evolving – test, test and test again until you create the optimum format and content strategy for your audience.

Just in case you’re looking for inspiration to inject some new life into your efforts, here are a few tips that might just help you improve your stats.

1. Mobile

More and more people are reading their emails from mobile devices so you must find out how your email looks.

Not only that but you have to make sure the recipient opens it on their phone so think about how you work out whether an email’s worth opening or not. You probably look at the sender’s name first and then the subject line. If it looks interesting you’ll open it, it not it gets consigned to the bin.

A great way of boosting your email’s chances of being opened is to add a line of text above your header.


Now when your email is received the recipient will see who it’s from, the subject line and the added text which reads Email marketing secrets revealed.

2. Subject line

This is the make or break. It has to be intriguing, promise your reader a great offer or breaking news – something that’s going to benefit them in some way.

But a strong subject line and a weak email body will see their enthusiasm wane and your email deleted. And if they’re disappointed by one they’re unlikely to open any more and may even unsubscribe.

The moral is, make sure you deliver what your subject line offers.

3. Long or short?

Many people argue that long copy always out performs short copy. But when it comes to an email, no one wants to be reading War and Peace.

The beauty of email means you can offer a tempting nugget of information and then add a link that will take the reader to a full article which is a great way of providing loads of information without boring the pants off everyone.

4. What next?

Once you’ve got them to open your email and read it…what next?

If you don’t have a strong call to action asking them to do something you’ve lost a great opportunity.

5. Check, check and re-check

Proofreading your email and checking all the links work before sending is vital.

Sending something out that’s full or errors and broken links won’t do you or your reputation any good. If you can, get someone else to check it for you before hitting send because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

These 5 simple tips will help you give your email marketing a boost in the arm.

Do you have any other tricks you use? Leave a comment and share your success stories (or horror stories).