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Copywriting Motivators

What is a copywriting motivator?

Well, before I answer that, think for a moment about what it is that makes you decide to buy something.

First off, you’ll have a need (whether you’re conscience of it or not). Whether it’s a party coming up that you need a new dress for (and shoes, bag, make up etc.), or a problem with your business that you need a solution for, something will trigger a potential buying decision.

Last week, I was leaving my Accountant’s office at about 5pm. It had been a long day and I’d not had a lot to eat. As I walked back to my car, my stomach was beginning to complain bitterly about the lack of food it had seen that day. To reach my car, I had to walk past a new Indian restaurant. The smell was absolutely heavenly – so you guess what I had for tea that night.

In that instance, my motivator was hunger and the solution I was presented with was the aroma of Indian food.

Hitting the right spot at the right time

Generating sales through copywriting motivators is all about identifying your audience and being in the right place at the right time.

The motivators you identify are going to be pressure points that when pressed, encourage your customers to buy.

Therefore, as well as identifying your target market, you’ve also got to convince them they must buy your product or service, because if they don’t, they’ll be missing out on an excellent opportunity.

For arguments sake, let’s say you have an email marketing solution to sell.

You’ve identified your target audience as being SMEs who are looking for an automated solution to help them reach a wider audience via email.

Your copy shows all the benefits of your product; they know they want to buy it because it will help them market their business more effectively, but they’re still hanging back. So, it’s up to you to give them the motivation to buy.

Becoming Mr or Mrs Motivator

OK, it’s time to bring on the big guns.

What is it going to take to make them buy your product?

You’ve already sold them on the benefits and they know your product offers them all the features they’ve been looking for. So how do you get them to take the final step and buy?

It’s time to get motivating:

Copywriting motivators

Whether you use a limited discount, offer a free service (for a limited time only) or limit your product in number (scarcity = desirability), these motivators will encourage your customers to make their buying decision quickly – after all, no one likes to think they’ve missed out on a great deal.

It’s human nature to hang back before parting with our hard earned cash. Every now and then we need a little push to sign on the dotted line.

We all love that feeling of getting something for nothing (or at least a discount), so offering a motivator, like one of the above, will help you get your sale and your customer the service they need.

Over to you

What motivators have you used in the past?

Have you found some to be more effective than others?

Leave a comment and share your experiences