Is it true?

Can a copywriting really make someone want to buy something?

I mean it’s not as if they were fitted at birth with a button that, once pressed, will make the reading public open their wallets and buy, buy, buy.

That’s rather a shame actually because then my job as a freelance copywriter would be so much easier.

I can tell you one thing though – something that most definitely won’t make people buy – clever marketing.

You can make your ad look amazing, write a witty slogan and hilarious content but it is unlikely to make your reader think ‘I must buy that’.

To get them to open their wallets your marketing must strike a chord with them. It is exactly this that a copywriter must aim for; they must tap into their emotional reasoning.

Customers aren’t daft – they won’t buy just because you are trying to sell to them. But they will buy if you can make them realise it would be of benefit to them to own what you are offering.

•    It could give them the solutions to their problems
•    Make them more attractive to the opposite sex
•    Guarantee increased income

Just be careful what you promise because your side of the deal is to fulfil their expectations.

The key understanding your audience; you must get inside their heads and find out what makes them tick.