copywriting to sell OK, you’re right, copywriting isn’t just there to make someone buy. You might want them to call you, visit your website or book an appointment.

But if your aim is to get your reader to buy, how on earth can a copywriter know how to make that happen?

The life of a freelance copywriter would be much easier if we were all fitted at birth with a little button that could be pressed to make us open our wallets.

To narrow our search down for that illusive trigger let’s clarify what definitely won’t make people buy – clever marketing. It doesn’t matter how pretty your ad looks, how witty your slogan or ironic the content, none of that will make your reader think ‘I must buy that’.

The one thing that will get them to open their wallets is when the marketing strikes a chord with them. It is exactly this that a copywriter must aim for; they must tap into their emotional reasoning.

Customers aren’t daft though. They won’t buy simply because you’re trying to sell to them. But they will buy if you can make them see that your product/service would be of benefit to them.  

– It could give them the solutions to their problems
– Make them more attractive to the opposite sex
– Guarantee increased income

But remember to make sure you can fulfil any promises you make.

If you want to understand your audience you have to get inside their heads and discover exactly what makes them tick.

It’s not an easy to achieve but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll be producing copy that will build customer confidence in your products and – more importantly – will make them want to buy.