After months of R & D you’re ready to launch a new product. You know your target market and you think you know what they want so you’re ready to start creating your marketing materials.

You are now sat in front of your PC. The screen is blank and your mind is blanker – HELP!

Does that sound familiar?

How do you start?

The best place to start is with your readers. So ask yourself what is it that they’re interest in. If you said your product, you’d be wrong. The answer is simple – they are only interested in themselves.

Get to know your reader

If you are going to sell something to someone, you have to get to know them. As a copywriter I spend a lot of time ‘inside the heads’ of the audience I am writing for.

Take a look back at some of the sales copy you’ve produced. If any on it spends time telling people what you are selling to them (in the first instance), you’re wasting your time. All your readers want to know is what it does for them. Basically tell them how your product will make their life easier, more rewarding and more complete – whichever is applicable to your product (and make sure it is genuine and can be proven).

So, how can you tap into your readers’ emotions? Well, you will need various keys to unlock their emotional desires:

Pride – Flattery will get you anywhere. Suggest that someone with as much talent for making the right decision as they have ought to be signing up for or buying your product.

Envy – If they think people are already benefiting from your product they’ll think they are missing out, and they’ll hate that.

Gluttony – We always want more, so if you can convince them they will feel contented when they ‘consume’ it you will be on to a winner.

Lust – Tricky, but if you convince them your product will satisfy their craving, they’ll snap your hand off.

Anger – The last time I was angry was over my mobile phone’s pathetic battery life. Give your readers a way out of their present frustrations and they’ll thank you.

Greed – A major motivator. Say no more.

Sloth – We’re all lazy so tell your reader how your product will save them time and effort and they’ll buy.

Being human, you reader will try and rationalise their buying decision. But all you have to do is give them enough reasons why your buying your product is the sensible option and they’ll hand over the cash.