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If you look solely in terms of a quote on a piece of paper, then yes, an experienced, professional freelance copywriter will look expensive (not to be confused with content writers who tend to generate large volumes of content for not a lot of money).


Well, for starters a freelance copywriter has heaps of experience in the art of persuasive writing. They have spent years honing their craft, getting into the heads of buyers and being able to write in multiple voices.

So does that mean you should go for ‘cheap’ or just get someone in your office to write your marketing collateral for you?


Look at it this way.

Option 1 – going ‘cheap’

Being a canny individual, you will obtain several copywriting quotes. Some will come in at a few pounds; others will run into the hundreds or even thousands (depending on what you’re looking for).

If you plump for the cheapest, you’ll get poor quality writing.

Does that mean expensive is always good?


What it means is that you shouldn’t base your decision on a number. Look at the writer’s website, look at their past work, how professional was their contact with you? Speak to them and ask them questions. A professional copywriter will be happy to chat and talk about how they can help you. Once you’ve done all that, go with the writer you felt most comfortable with. After all, it’s a very collaborative process, and you’ll be working closely together.

Option 2 – going in-house

Ask yourself who, within your organisation, has years of writing experience in commercial markets?

I’m guessing no one.

Your business deserves more.

Hiring a new employee to do your writing may be the answer – or not.

First, you’re unlikely to be offering the kind of remuneration that will attract a skilled professional writer. Secondly, you won’t have enough demand for content to keep them busy, so they’ll be slotting it in around other duties. Thirdly, they won’t have the experience needed to craft compelling copy.

Option 3 – hiring a professional freelance copywriter

On to my favourite option (yes, I’m biased).

The advantages?

  • You only pay for their services when you need them
  • They are freelancers, so you don’t have to pay holiday or sick pay
  • You get to work with a highly experienced individual who knows what they’re doing
  • You get expert advice to help you get the most from your marketing activities
  • The reputation of your business soars because of the quality of your web copy, brochures, reports, newsletters etc.
  • They are external to your business and therefore in a unique position to understand your offering from your customers’ point of view
  • They will take the time to research your market to ensure your voice is unique

It’s an investment, not a cost

If you just think of your content as a bunch of words, don’t bother contacting a copywriter for help – you’ll be wasting their time and yours.

If however, you see content as a relationship builder, a way to reach out to your customers, a reputation enhancer for your business, and as an extension of your brand, get in touch and I’ll happily have a chat with you about your project.

My quote won’t be cheap, but it also won’t take the Mickey. It will be a fair reflection of your project and my experience.

Don’t leave your success to chance, hire a professional copywriter – your business is worth it.


Sally Ormond is an independent professional copywriter – get a quote from her today.