copywriter - press release

The press release is one of the most underused forms of marketing out there. And yet they are one of the most effective forms of marketing.

Many companies don’t use them because they don’t think they have anything newsworthy to talk about. But what about that new website, the new product being launched, the new premises you’re moving into, the new boss taking over, the new fleet of vehicles you’re using, the charity bike ride you’re taking part in? All of that is news and should be broadcast.

Admittedly getting past the eye of the editor can be a challenge, but if your press release is newsworthy and not a thinly veiled advert, you’ll stand a very good chance of getting it published. And of course, don’t forget the online press release outlets. These are not only easier to get published on, they also provide those much coveted one way back links to your website that are so important for search engine optimisation.

To help you create a great press release, I have put together 8 simple steps for you to follow:

1. Check it

This might sound obvious but it is vital. Check, check, check – this press release is representing your company. If it is full of grammatical and spelling errors, it stands little chance of getting past the editor. If you are putting it online, it will give an awful first impression of your company.

2. Power from the start

It must kick off with a powerful message. Your headline, summary and first paragraph must sum up your news and contain your keywords (very important for online publication). The rest of your release should contain detail. Also add your web address at the beginning. Often press releases are truncated so if all your important information is at the start, the resulting published release will still pack a punch.

3. Be professional

Don’t write with hype, slang or jargon. Direct address and excessive exclamation will show it as an advert rather than a press release.

4. So what?

Think about what you reader will find interesting. Focus on elements that set you apart from your competition. If you can tie your news in with current affairs that is even better.

5. Case studies

Using a real life situation can be very powerful. People love to read about other people so if you can show how you helped someone, it will resonate with them and draw increased interest to your company.

6. Shout about it

The British are renowned for their reserve. In marketing there’s no place for it, so if you’ve done something, launched a new product or won an award, shout about it as loudly as you can.

7. Tease a bit

If you’ve brought out a new product/service, just give a few tempting details and your web link. That will drive more traffic to your website, pushing them into taking action.

8. Be active

The words you use in your press release are very important. Keep your voice active and use strong verbs. Be economical too with your words – every one must count. Your press release needs concise powerful copy.

So there you go. These 8 tips will help you create stronger press releases that really work. Next time you have something to shout about, make sure you issue a press release. Your company is great – make sure everyone else knows that too.