The gloves are off.

You’re tweeting like you’ve never tweeted before to make sure everyone knows you, what you do and what you can do for them.

But are you being listened to?

Are you standing out in their Twitter feed?

Are they reading your tweets?

I won’t bore you about how amazing Twitter is for business ‘cause you already know that, but it’s important to keep up with the best ways to make an impact.

Here are 8 smoking hot ways to make sure your tweets are seen.

1. Lists

Are you using Twitter’s list feature?


OK, let me ask you this – when you do your email marketing, do you segregate your mailing list?

Of course you do, because that’s how you make sure the right message gets to the right people.

You can use Twitter lists to do exactly the same thing. Once you’ve created your lists you can start to fine-tune your tweets, sending relevant tweets to relevant groups.

2. Send out snippets

Most people (me included) send out headlines to publicise that their latest blog has been published – mainly because that’s how automated sharing apps work. But a better idea is to tweet a snippet from your article and different snippets at different times of day.

These will arouse curiosity and increase the number of click-throughs you see.

3. Be more visual

The quickest and easiest tweet to send is a text one. But the tweets with the most power and reach tend to be those that incorporate images.

Take a look at your Twitter feed – I bet your eyes are drawn to the updates with images. Am I right?

You don’t have to find an image for every tweet, but mixing it up now and then with a photo, graphic or image will add interest to your tweets and help make you stand out.

4. Tweeting other content

If you read a great article and want to tweet it, how do you do that? Do you just hit the tweet button and leave it at that?

The whole point of Twitter is to build relationships and start conversations. A far more effective way of sharing information is to @tag the author of the blog or article along with the URL and, if there’s room, a bit about why you want to share it.

That way people understand the value of the piece and the author is notified immediately about your share.

5. Be real

It’s very tempting, especially when tweeting for a business, to be very impersonal.

Real people are reading your tweets, so it’s a great idea to inject some personality into your interactions. Showing your human side can get you a lot more attention that just being a faceless business.

6. Quick reactions

One of the best things about Twitter is its immediacy.

Take advantage of this by being topical in your tweets. If a big news story breaks, tweet about it. Being current about major events and tweeting about them in a memorable way will make you stand out from the crowd.

7. Is your information valuable?

This one’s really simple – if you tweet stuff people don’t value they won’t read it or follow you.

Be engaging with what you’re saying to draw people in.

8. Be seen

You have to be seen if you want people to notice you.

On top of tweeting, join in conversations, reply to people, connect with your audience and be real.

You might think hang on a minute, isn’t that a bit in your face? So long as you add valuable content and add to the conversation (and are not posting every few seconds), you’ll stand out as an influencer.

Using Twitter the right way will turbo-charge your campaign. Take some time out to review what you’re doing at the moment and see where you can make improvements that will boost engagement.