Zakomedia Simon Jones, Zakomedia, Swansea

I recently employed Sally to work on a client site due to her writing style which I particularly like. She’s brave, concise and makes light and fun work of even the most boring of subjects. I felt confident throughout the project and allowed her to do her own thing directly with the client while I concentrated on design and development. I didn’t need to chase for anything and her level of contact was superb as she kept me informed the whole way through. The feedback I had from the directors was fantastic; they were overjoyed with the way things had progressed even before I had started my own part of the project!

Today is the first opportunity I’ve had to read it all properly and I have to say she’s brought light and passion into a would-have-been boring website about waste management. Sally has also had free reign of my company blog helping me to add advice and value to my own site. Her eye-catching titles and well written articles with SEO built in, she’s definitely achieved that goal and comes with my recommendation to anyone with copy writing needs. Thank you Sally, I will be back!