BT Marketing Solutions Jasha Fletcher, Senior Marketing Manager, BT Marketing Solutions, London
BT Marketing Solutions

When it comes to finding the right words and right tone for my marketing communications I always turn to Sally for inspiration.  She has the talented knack of being able to transform corporate speak into plain English, but keep it engaging so that readers are inspired to take action.  Whether it’s writing copy for the web to make our products and services stand out, whitepapers to help small businesses make the most of what the internet has to offer, email campaign copy or one liners for banners – Sally takes care of it all with ease and the results are always of a very high standard.

As a virtual member of my team I can rely on her as a sounding board for new ideas, know that she will give good advice to help overcome sensitive message requirements and will be there to roll up her sleeves and get down to the task in hand when tight deadlines loom!

I strongly recommend you give her a go!