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August 5th 2014       Sally Ormond       blog, blog like a pro, blogging, how to blog, writing blogs

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The best way to get your business noticed is to blog.

Writing about your niche not only demonstrates your knowledge, positioning you as an expert in your field, it also gives added value to your customers.

The only problem is that’s not the best-kept secret in the world, which means that everyone is doing it.

Because everyone is doing it, it can be a real challenge to make your voice heard above everyone else’s.

How do you make sure your blog posts stand out and don’t just disappear into the background?

Variety is the spice of blogging

Can it really be that simple?


If you churn out the same old same old week after week, your readers will get bored and wonder off to find something a bit more exciting.

Although text-heavy blog posts (like this one) are great for getting information across, they don’t suit everyone.

Some people prefer to listen to podcasts, others like video and some prefer graphical representations. That’s why it’s important to mix up your blogging and present your information in a range of formats.

Here are some ideas you can take away with you.

1. Going live

Have you ever considered doing a webinar?

Using video conferencing software, you can set up an interactive workshop or presentation over the web that your customers can take part in.

Plus, you can record it and embed it on your website so anyone can watch it at a later date.

2. Be fun

Most companies believe that if they are going to blog it must be about boring corporate stuff. Well, if that’s all you write about you’ll be addressing an empty room because no one will want to read it.

Every now and then chuck in a game, quiz, or even an image that amused you. It’s a great way of showing your personality.

3. Give a shout out

How about doing something for your regular readers?

Going back to number 2, if you run a competition asking for articles or photos on a particular subject, how about publishing the best one? They get a few moments of fame and it will get the competitive juices flowing.

4. Widen the net

Assuming you have staff within your business, why not let them do some of the work?

They will have their own ideas about what your customers want to read from their own dealings with them. Getting different viewpoints will vary your content, widening its appeal. Plus, it means you don’t have to write all the time.

5. Surprise!

This is a bit like number 2.

If you write the same type of stuff all the time, your audience will get bored. But if you surprise them with something they wouldn’t expect to see, it will pique their interest and keep them coming back.

Who said blogging had to be boring?

Have a bit of fun with your readers and push a few boundaries, but always keep one eye on your analytics. They will tell you which posts perform the best, and then all you have to do is create more of the same.



Tags: blog, blog like a pro, blogging, how to blog, writing blogs
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